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Allie Cole

Albert James "Allie" Cole, the owner of Cole's Express, got his start in Enfield. After his father's death, Allie (who was eight years old at the time) left home in search of work. After working for a few different families, Allie (now fourteen years old) went to work at the livery stable at the Enfield Station. In fact, the entire Enfield Station can be found inside Cole's Land Transportation Museum in Bangor.

At the age of seventeen, Allie went to work for the Maine Central Railroad. While he was working there, he met a young schoolteacher named Amy Stone. The two fell deeply in love, marrying two years later.

In 1917, he left his job with the railroad and went into business for himself. He recieved a U.S. Mail contract, delivering mail throughout Enfield, as well as Lowell and Burlington.

Eventually, Allie began hauling all kinds of goods from Bangor with a small team of employees - including Charles "Charlie" Bradbury, who had worked for Allie since 1918. This small trucking line would eventually be known as Cole's Express, which would grow to be one of the largest trucking operations in the state of Maine.