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Hiring for Morgan's Beach
Summer 2023

The Town of Enfield is seeking a qualified candidate to serve as our Beach Manager for the 2023 season.
Beach Managers duties include but are not limited to Employee Supervision, Cabin and Pavilion Rental Management, Light Groundskeeping, and Daily Tasks as needed.
This position is anticipated to be from May to September with a pay range of $5,000 to $7,000 dependent on experience and qualifications.
Employment applications can be printed or picked up in person at The Enfield Town Office 789 Hammett Rd Enfield Maine 04493.
Interested candidates should submit an application of employment to the Town of Enfield 789 Hammett Rd Enfield Maine 04493 or via email at by 03/31/2023

The Town of Enfield is seeking a qualified concessions vendor to run the Morgans Beach Snack Shack for the 2023 season.
The vendor must have all necessary insurances and state required licenses including but not limited to Serve Safe.
The vendor must be available to run the Snack Shack from June through Labor Day.
Interested parties are invited to contact the Town of Enfield either via at, phone at 207-732-4270, or written letter to 789 Hammett Rd Enfield Me 04493 by 03/31/2023.

The Town of Enfield will be hiring for beach attendants starting in April of 2023.